How To Minimise Stress & Anxiety During COVID

covid stess and anxiety

This year has brought us a whole range of experiences we never thought we would see. Working from home, curfews, restrictions. The unknown brings with it a whole range of emotions, one of those being anxiety. Whether you have never experienced anxiety before, or your anxiety has gotten worse with the pandemic, this short blog […]

Counting Your Blessings

how gratitude impacts your mind

As a child, do you remember being told to “count your blessings?” Maybe, back then, it wasn’t quite clear ‘why’ doing this was a good idea.  Over the past decade, a large body of research has helped us to better understand the wide ranging positive effects of ‘counting our blessings’ – for being grateful. Practicing […]

The Power of One Minute

impact your mindfulness

I remember going to a football game once.  It was ANZAC round. As is the tradition, the crowd observed one minute of silence, in respect of fallen soldiers. I stood in the stadium, along with tens of thousands of people, all in silence. I remember being aware that the minute seemed to stretch out for […]