Are My Concerns “Serious Enough” For Counselling?

serious enough for counselling

To some, this may seem like a silly question, though to others, this is a serious concern. If you’re worried that your difficulties aren’t “serious enough” for professional help – keep reading. Firstly, no problems are too big nor too small. More commonly than you may think, people are reluctant to engage in psychological sessions […]

Tackling First Appointment Nerves

how to book first appointment

So, you have booked your very first psychological appointment, good on you! The unknown is always a scary place, but you did it, and you are so close to reaping the benefits! We understand that the process of booking your first appointment may be nerve wracking, so we would like to take a bit of […]

A How To Guide For Booking Your First Psychological Appointment

book psychology appointment

Do you feel like you could benefit from psychological support but are unsure of how the process works? We often hear people say that they wished they had have seen us earlier, if only they knew the process was this easy! Because of this, we are going to tell you just how easy it is […]

Practicing Change

practicing change to improve wellness

We become good at things by practicing.  We all know this.  It’s a message that is drummed in from a very young age, “Practice makes perfect!”, or “You won’t become good at it if you don’t practice!”. Most people have skills and habits that they’ve become good at by practice, but at the same time, […]