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Tackling First Appointment Nerves

So, you have booked your very first psychological appointment, good on you! The unknown is always a scary place, but you did it, and you are so close to reaping the benefits!

We understand that the process of booking your first appointment may be nerve wracking, so we would like to take a bit of that stress away by explaining exactly what you can expect when going into your first session.

At Laburnum Psychology we attempt to match you with the best psychologist for your specific needs through an intake assessment, though the most common worries people express about their first session relate to things such as “what if I don’t like the psychologist?”. The answer to this question is simple, start seeing a new psychologist! Often people think that by seeing a psychologist once, they are then stuck with them forever. This is certainly not the case. It’s important to find someone you feel comfortable with, and who you can relate to, just as you would want to feel the right fit with your GP.

People can often feel anxious about attending their first session, which is completely normal. In reality, once you’re a little way into your session, these feelings fade away, as you start to connect and make progress.

Your first appointment is usually very comfortable, your psychologist will use this time to get to know you, your lifestyle and understand what has brought you in to see them. Your psychologist will do their best to ensure you are comfortable and well informed about what to expect going forward.

It is important to know that your psychologist will not push you to talk about things which you are not ready to talk about. They understand more than anyone how some things may be tricky to talk about, and they will make sure you are emotionally prepared first.

Psychologists have a range of tools they can use to elicit information about your symptoms and severity. An example of this is tests! Psychologists have a range of tests which assess your mood, affect, and thought processes.  This can assist them to understand what’s going on for you and how you’re really feeling. These tests are often quite short and are formatted as a scale so you would rate how much a certain statement applies to you.

It is important to know that whatever your psychologist decides to do, they will communicate this with you. You will need to provide consent during your initial appointment which will explain everything that can happen during psychological sessions. You will be able to read the Psychology code of ethics, as well as your rights, ensuring you can feel properly informed and alleviating all those first appointment nerves!

If there is anything you feel unsure about, our staff are all fully equipped to answer whatever questions or concerns you might have. If you would like to find out more or book an appointment get in touch with our team today.

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