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serious enough for counselling

Are My Concerns “Serious Enough” For Counselling?

To some, this may seem like a silly question, though to others, this is a serious concern. If you’re worried that your difficulties aren’t “serious enough” for professional help – keep reading.

Firstly, no problems are too big nor too small. More commonly than you may think, people are reluctant to engage in psychological sessions due to the thought that “other people have it worse”. Additionally, a common view is “but I have a good network, a stable job, I shouldn’t be unhappy”.

People can be very quick to discredit their thoughts and emotions based on what they think they “should” be feeling.  In reality though, it can be very helpful to acknowledge that we are likely to be experiencing these feelings for a reason. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to have a clinical diagnosis benefit from receiving psychological strategies.  Similarly, it’s usually better to seek some help before things escalate and before our difficulties get bigger.

So, what problems can an experienced psychologist help me with?

The list is quite exhaustive, but some of the common reasons include:

  • Depression, sadness, loss of motivation
  • Anxiety
  • Stress and worry
  • Life transitions
  • Grief and loss
  • Relationship counselling
  • Trauma counselling
  • Sexual assault counselling
  • Post-natal depression
  • Anger management
  • Phobias
  • Adjustment issues
  • Burn out, work related issues, bullying

While these are some of the common reasons people look for a good psychologist, you don’t have to fall into these categories to begin counselling.  Maybe you’re just not feeling yourself, or perhaps you’ve been going through a difficult time and could do with some advice and some good coping strategies or ways to feel better.

It’s also important to remember that you aren’t locked into a certain amount of sessions when you begin counselling – it’s your journey.

If you are experiencing something which has made you consider engaging in some counselling or a guide to booking your first psychological appointment, call us on 9877 9179 to discuss ways that our psychologists may be able help you get back on the right track.


At Laburnum Psychology we have a team of six psychologists who have each been recruited for their strong clinical and inter-personal skills.  They will work to ensure that you feel comfortable and safe throughout your sessions, and as you work toward your goals. 

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Rob Cole

Rob is an experienced psychologist, with a Masters in Counselling Psychology and over twenty years experience as a counsellor. Rob brings a breadth of knowledge and insight to his work, and works with adults who may present with a broad range of mental health issues.

Rob is motivated to help his clients achieve their potential drawing on evidence-based therapy approaches appropriate for each unique client. Rob holds strong values around collaborative therapy, drawing on clients’ unique strengths. He supports equity and diversity, and is well able to build strong empathic therapeutic processes. He will work with you to identify your own goals and directions for counselling, creating a safe environment to explore possibilities for change.

Key Interest Areas:

Lisa Jones

Lisa specializes in working with children from 4-approximately 14 years of age. She is qualified to the Masters level in psychology (Educational and Developmental). She brings considerable experience and expertise in children’s education and development. She has worked across a variety of settings, including multidisciplinary teams, private practice, primary schools, and early childhood environments.

Lisa is experienced in individual and group therapy with children. She draws on a range of modalilities and principles, including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Person Centred Counselling, emotional coaching, and social learning.

Lisa is qualified and experienced in administering many major psychology tests for child education and development. These include intelligence tests (WISC-V, WPPSI-IV), adaptive behaviour assessments (Vineland-III), academic achievement tests (WIAT-III) and child behaviour checklists (Conners-3, CBCL etc.). Lisa is able to provide both assessment and ongoing therapy.

Lisa approaches her work with a strong value base for assisting children in their development. She works conscientiously to identify early intervention opportunities that assist children onto the best possible developmental pathway.

Lisa also acknowledges the importance of supporting parents and families to understand and navigate the educational and developmental needs of the child. She brings warmth and compassion to her work, and works intentionality to create a safe and fun environment where children can feel at ease as they engage into the therapeutic processes.

Key Interest Areas:

Lauren Chapman

Lauren is an experienced Clinical Psychologist who has been practicing across public mental health and private practice roles for over ten years. She completed her Master of Clinical Psychology at Deakin University and is a Board Approved Supervisor with the Psychology Board of Australia, and a member of the Australian Psychological Society.

Lauren’s approach is warm, empathic, and collaborative, drawing from a range of evidence-based therapeutic models such as Schema Therapy, CBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy.

Lauren works with adults aged 17 and over across a range of mental health issues including:

Hilary Austin

Hilary is a highly experienced Psychotherapist and Mental Health Social Worker. She has worked in acute mental health, educational and community settings.

Hilary has a depth of experience working with adults & adolescents facing acute and complex mental health difficulties.  She has a keen interest in psychoanalysis and approaches this with deep value of helping in pragmatic and sensible ways.  Hilary will work closely with you to identify your goals for change, and to navigate the path. Hilary brings warmth and pragmatism to her work, which is of immense value in helping her clients to feel comfortable and understood.

Key Interest Areas

Dr. Josie Sinni

Josie is a highly experienced member of the Laburnum Psychology team, bringing fourteen years of experience to her work.  Josie holds a Doctoral degree in Clinical Neuropsychology and has worked both as a neuropsychologist and a generalist psychologist. In her generalist work, Josie works with clients who experience anxiety disorders, mood disorders, stress, adjustment issues, and low self-confidence.  Josie values building strong rapport with her clients and will work with you to identify meaningful goals and work toward building positive change in your life.  Josie is conscientious to base her interventions in evidence-based therapeutic frameworks, including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Key Interest Areas