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A How To Guide For Booking Your First Psychological Appointment

Do you feel like you could benefit from psychological support but are unsure of how the process works? We often hear people say that they wished they had have seen us earlier, if only they knew the process was this easy! Because of this, we are going to tell you just how easy it is to get that little bit of extra support you need to be feeling your best again.

Did you know that you are eligible for a Medicare rebate on twenty psychological sessions a year under Medicare? These sessions can entail: sexual assault counselling, trauma counselling, depression counselling, couples counselling and much more.

The first step to seeing a psychologist is to first visit your General Practitioner (GP). You will need to book an appointment with them for a Mental Health Care Plan. This care plan will ensure you are eligible for a Medicare rebate on your sessions.  You can come without a referral, but with a referral you can claim back the rebate.

Check in with your local GP

Next, you will have to attend that appointment. Your GP will ask you some general questions about what is occurring in your life, what your symptoms are and how severe they are. Every GP has a different approach, some may ask you more in-depth questions and even fill out a quick symptom checklist with you while others might not. This all depends on your presenting problem and your GP’s assessment method.

Your GP will often have Psychologists who they are acquainted with, or who they regularly refer to, however if you have a specific psychologist in mind you are able to ask for your referral to be sent to them!

Your GP will then do either one of the following two things:

  1. Give you your referral and tell you to contact the clinic.
  2. Fax your referral directly to the clinic.

If you are in charge of contacting the clinic, then all you need to do is ring up and ask for the next available appointment. If you feel unsure about this process, please head over to our blog “Tackling first appointment nerves”

If your GP sends the referral directly, you simply just need to wait for the phone call!

It really is that simple! For information about what to expect for your first psychological appointment, head to our blog “Tacking First Appointment Nerves”

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